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Samir Chowdhury

Postdoc at Stanford University. Applied mathematics for personalized psychiatry.

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I am a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, working with Manish Saggar at the Brain Dynamics Lab.

Prior to Stanford, I completed my PhD in the Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University in May 2019, under the supervision of Facundo Mémoli. I completed my undergraduate degree at Tufts University (B.S. Engineering Science).

My research is in applied topology and geometry, and in developing the foundations of such methods in neuroimaging.

You can reach me via email at samirc at stanford dot edu

Recent and upcoming activity:

  • (September 2021) Talk at the Florida State University Machine Learning Seminar
  • (August 2021) Joint Statistical Meetings - talk at the session on Geometric and Topological Information in Data Analysis
  • (August 2021) I served as a TA for the MIT Summer Geometry Institute
  • (July 2021) Co-organized the Second Graduate Student Conference: Geometry and Topology meet Data Analysis and Machine Learning (GTDAML21)
  • (June 2021) HSE University ATA Seminar
  • (April 2021) New preprint Quantized Gromov-Wasserstein. With David Miller and Tom Needham. Accepted to ECML 2021.
  • (December 2020) UC Davis MADDD Seminar
  • (September 2020) EPFL Applied Topology Seminar
  • (August 2020) ATMCS-AATRN talk is now available here
  • (July 2020) My talk at the MBI workshop on OT and TDA is now available
  • (June 2020) Oral presentation at DiffCVML, a CVPR workshop
  • (June 2020) Poster at OHBM 2020 (joint w/ Caleb Geniesse and Manish Saggar)


Past activity highlights:

  • (June 2019) I was a coorganizer for GTDAML2019 (official title: First Midwest Graduate Student Conference: Geometry and Topology meet Data Analysis and Machine Learning)
  • (2018-2019) Katie Ritchey and I coorganized TAGGS, a seminar for graduate students and postdocs in topology and geometry (both theory and applied)
  • (Summer 2017) I was a TA for the Summer@ICERM 2017 REU on Topological Data Analysis
  • (January 2017) I was a TA at the 3rd School on Topological Data Analysis in Mexico for a course on network data analysis